Keeping You and Your Smile Safe

Dear Patients and Families,

Like all of you, we are eager to get beyond COVID and have life return to "normal".  It has been a challenging year for all of us, but as case counts are dropping and more people are getting vaccinated, we are grateful that things seem to be going in a very positive direction.  We are grateful for your patience and understanding as we have worked through the logistics of practicing during a pandemic.  While infection control was always a top priority to our team, all of us have learned how to appropriately interact during this time.   For the most part, treatment has progressed quite normally and very few setbacks have occurred.

As the mask mandate has lifted, we have carefully considered what path is most appropriate for our practice to take during the coming days and weeks.  After careful consideration, we feel it is safest for all of us to maintain most of the measures that were set in place when we returned to work last May.  Until we receive different recommendations from the CDC, the ADA, the UDA and the Salt Lake Health Department, we will continue to request that masks be worn in our office - whether in the reception area, or in clinical areas.  We will also respectfully request that for most situations, parents and siblings continue to wait outside of the office, or when numbers allow, in the reception area.  Of course - as we have already been doing - we will accommodate your requests to accompany a young child - or when other needs so indicate - in the clinical area.

We will no longer require that the COVID-release form be signed each visit, and temperatures will no longer be taken.

We appreciate your willingness to "mask up" while in the office.  In addition, minimizing the number of parents and others in the clinical area and in the reception area has allowed us to continue to safely care for our patients while following guidelines for social distancing.  This has indeed been a group effort and we are very grateful for your help.

We realize that there are differing opinions regarding COVID, mask and social-distancing restrictions and the vaccine itself.  It is not our place to suggest what you should think or feel regarding any of these issues.  However, since the safety and well-being of our team, our patients and their families are so important to us, we feel strongly that for the time being it is appropriate to respect the stricter standard for those who need that assurance and comfort level.

Please be patient and kind, and realize that we are trying to make this work for ALL of you.

The Foothill Orthodontic Specialists Team